Save 50+ hours per year* and get more job applications

Social media images for WP Job Manager

🤖 Automated
✅ Branded
😍 Beautiful

Simple Social Images automates the creation of branded, beautiful social images for your WP Job Manager jobs.

Save 50 hours per year and maximise your social media engagement when sharing your jobs.

An attractive thumbnail means a larger and more compelling hit area for clicking.

Jon Espirian, Relentlessly helpful LinkedIn nerd

Why you need better social images

When your job post is shared on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter you typically get one chance at maximising the engagement of that post.

Without setting a custom sharing image the social network will display either:

No sharing image 😢

WP Job Manager job shared on LinkedIn with no og:image tag

Ugly sharing image 😦

WP Job Manager job shared on LinkedIn with a sub-optimal sharing image

Custom image 😘👌

WP Job Manager job shared on LinkedIn with a customised sharing image

A custom social sharing image will:


How to test your job social images

For LinkedIn:

  1. Open the LinkedIn Post Inspector
  2. Enter the URL of a job from your website (e.g.
  3. Click ‘Inspect’

You can also test how your jobs look on Facebook and Twitter.

How it works

Choose a template

Choose from a selection of pre-built templates. Like these…

Want to stand out even more?!

We can build a custom template, just for you. From £195.

Customise your template

Upload your logo, choose your colours and font sizes, and add an image, or a collection of images.

Screenshot of the Simple Social Images settings page

Create a job listing in WP Job Manager

Create your job listing as usual.

Before you publish your job, generate your custom image on the job edit screen will and it will be added to your “og:image” meta tag (the techy bit that the social networks look for).

Share your job post online

Now, when you share a link to your post on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, they will use your custom image in the link preview.

Just like magic! 🪄


How much does this cost?

£195 / year

Your price includes setup assistance, support, and updates.

See how this could save you £655 / year

*How does this save me 50 hours per year?

OK, here’s the rough maths…

50 jobs per month x 12 = 600 jobs per year

600 x 5 minutes per job (to create a custom social media image e.g. using Canva) = 3,000 minutes per year

3,000 minutes / 60 = 50 hours per year saved

Multiply 50 by the hourly rate of whoever currently does, or would do, this work and you get an approximate cost saving.

E.g. if the hourly rate is £15 then your saving is 50 x £15 = £750 – £95 = £655 / year.

Plus all that extra job post engagement. 😍

OK, I’m convinced. Enquire now! 👍